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Tikehau Capital

32 rue de Monceau

F-75008 Paris


Contact Institutional Clients

David Schad


Phone: +33 1 53 59 15 35

E-mail: dschad@tikehaucapital.com

Contact Wholesale Clients

David Schad


Phone: +33 1 53 59 15 35

E-mail: dschad@tikehaucapital.com

Company at a glance

We are a pan-European Asset manager and investor. We specialise in four key areas, Private Debt (€ 8.4bn, 36% of AuM), Real Estate (€ 8.0bn, 34% of AuM), Private Equity (€ 3.6bn, 15% of AuM), Liquid Strategies (€ 3.3bn, 14% of AuM). Areas designed to balance risk and return over the long term, and where we have specialist experience and expertise.

Tikehau Capital is an asset management and investment group that invests in various asset classes (private debt, real-estate, private equity and liquid strategies), including through its asset management subsidiary Tikehau IM, on behalf of institutional and private investors. Controlled by its managers, alongside leading institutional partners, Tikehau Capital employs 480 staff in its Paris, London, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, New York, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo offices.

Tikehau Capital is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment A (ISIN code: FR0013230612; Ticker: TKO.FP).

Market position and target clients

Tikehau Capital manages €23,4bn (as at 30/06/2019) of assets, with shareholders’ equity of €3.0bn. Our target clients are mainly large institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, banks, family offices and corporates.

Investment philosophy in general

The firm’s investment philosophy is to act as a responsible and skillful steward of the savings entrusted to it through its LPs and investors, and to deploy them to achieve superior returns primarily by identifying promising channels for investment in the real economy. Nearly two thirds of assets under management are dedicated to the provision of private debt or equity capital to growing companies in Europe. At the same time it seeks to expand its activity and reach as an alternative asset manager in liquid asset markets through the provision of differentiated strategies which address a wide range of institutional investor requirements.

Tikehau IM’s five core investment principles:

  • A fundamental approach: a rigorous and disciplined investment process with corporate credit selection and bond/stock picking being the foundation of its strategy.

  • Prudence: seeking asymmetry between returns and downside risks.

  • Transparency: detailed reporting on its processes and provision of access to its management and research.

  • Independence: investment based on conviction, free from benchmark constraints.

  • Alignment of interests: interests are aligned with investors through the commitment of its own capital to the funds it manages. Tikehau IM adopts a proactive and fundamental credit approach to selecting and managing assets. Capital preservation and an attractive risk-reward balance are key objectives of the firm. The investment approach to credit selection is primarily based on fundamental credit analysis, relative value analysis, examination of structural and transaction features, and portfolio diversification.


Tikehau Investment Management signed the Principles for Responsible Investment ("PRI") in 2014, confirming its long-term commitment to integrate the ESG dimension into its investment strategy.



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