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J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Taunustor 1

D-60310 Frankfurt am Main


Ansprechpartner Institutionelle Anleger

Jens Schmitt

Head of Institutional Business Germany and Austria

Telefon: +49 69 71242175

E-mail: jens.h.schmitt@jpmorgan.com

Ansprechpartner Wholesale Anleger

Christoph Bergweiler

Country Head Austria, CEE, Germany and Greece

Telefon: +49 69 71242164

E-mail: christoph.bergweiler@jpmorgan.com

Unternehmen im Überblick

J.P.Morgan Asset Management (“JPMAM”)* is a leading asset manager for individuals, advisors and institutions, with USD 1.7 trillion** under management (as at 31 December 2018). Our investment professionals (portfolio managers, quantitative analysts, risk management, senior management and economists) around the world and across the asset class spectrum share one common goal: to help build stronger portfolios that solve the real needs of our clients.

With a storied and distinguished record dating back to 1863, JPMAM began its most recent period of development in 2000 with the establishment of our parent group, JPMorgan Chase & Co. (“JPMC”), following the merger of J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated and The Chase Manhattan Corporation. JPMC merged with Bank One Corporation in 2004.

JPMAM is the brand name of the group of companies that constitute the investment management business of JPMC and its affiliates worldwide, and has its headquarters in New York.

Strong customer focus and culture

JPMAM has a strong customer focus rooted in appropriate risk management, a controls environment, and independent regulatory, legal and compliance teams. The scope of JPMAM’s asset class offering coupled with the skill of our deep, global pool of investment professionals enables JPMAM to provide the right investment solution for every type of client over the long term.

Global presence

The investment strategies we offer encompass all major asset classes and financial markets around the world. Strategies can be tailored to meet a comprehensive range of investor requirements.

Globally, JPMAM employed 7,029*** staff , of whom 1,086 were investment professionals, as at 31 December 2018. We operate across three regions: the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East  and Africa) and Asia Pacific. This affords us a global but local presence in all major economic regions and time zones. Our investment managers and analysts, stationed in over 20 countries, provide first-hand insight into local market trends, the changing business environment and the host of factors that influence the way companies, industries and economies behave.

This local knowledge is channelled into a global network supported by five major investment management hubs in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Columbus, Ohio. This structure  helps ensure that our knowledge, experience and resources are shared around the globe, providing our clients with a competitive information advantage and truly global investment expertise.


  • Financial advisors

  • Consultants

  • Defined benefit pension plans

  • Defined contribution pension plans

  • Insurers

  • Endowments & foundations

  • Sovereigns

  • Healthcare providers

JPMAM manages segregated and pooled accounts for large institutional clients. We offer our clients a range of investment activities, including:

  • Pension fund management

  • Charitable fund management- Institutional fund management

  • Reserves management

  • Insurance money management

  • Third-party distribution services

  • Sub-advisory services

  • Mutual fund management

  • Exchange traded funds

  • Cash management

* J.P. Morgan Asset Management (Europe) S.à r.l. ("JPMAME") is the legal entity responsible for the management of these products. J.P. Morgan Asset Management ("JPMAM") is the marketing name for the asset management business of JPMorgan Chase & Co ("JPMC"). For the purposes of this Questionnaire, we will use the marketing name when referencing our investment activities on behalf of J.P. Morgan Asset Management Inc.

**Based on the AUM for the Asset Management division of JPMC, as at 31 December 2018.

***Based on total firm personnel for the Asset Management (JPMAM) division of JPMC, as at 31 December 2018.

Marktposition und Zielkunden

JPMAM is a chosen investment partner to corporations, governments, foundations and individualsglobally. We manage money for many of the world’s leading banks, insurance companies, asset managers and advisory firms, providing investment insights which allow them to thrive in today’s
fast moving markets.

Our core business is the management of segregated and pooled accounts for large institutional clients, which represents the majority of our business.

Allgemeine Investmentphilosophie

JPMAM has a transparent investment philosophy, with common factors that apply across all products and processes:

  • Global Research - We create an information advantage through qualitative and quantitative research undertaken by our dedicated team of investment professionals based around the globe.

  • Risk Controls - We avoid taking positions and incurring risks in areas where we do not believe we have an information advantage.

  • Innovation Guided by Essential Principles of Investing - We commit substantial resources tocontinuously improving the investment process while adhering to the basic tenets of our investment philosophy.

Investment approach

Our approach to managing money is driven by three key principles:

  • Breadth and depth of choice: We offer expertise across every major financial asset class - equities, fixed income and cash, and also alternative asset classes like managed currency and hedge funds in  order to offer investors an unrivalled choice of products covering the full risk/reward spectrum;

  • Multiple investment processes: We do not believe there is one single way to deliver investment performance within equity markets. We therefore offer a range of distinct but complementary investment approaches across different markets;

  • Disciplined and team-based management: We have developed proven, transparent and disciplined investment processes to manage our investment funds, which rely strictly on team-based research, stock picking, portfolio construction and risk management. While making full use of the individual strengths and insights of our investment professionals - and expecting full accountability from our  named fund managers - we look to team-based management to help ensure consistency of investment style at all times.

JPMAM is committed to delivering excellence in investment performance, the broadest range of products, and the highest quality of client service and global coverage. The strategies we offer  encompass all major asset classes, across all financial markets worldwide, and can be tailored to meet a comprehensive range of investor requirements.

esg philosophie

We believe that one of the drivers of investment risk and return is an assessment of the ESG profiles of the companies in which we invest our clients’ assets. We aim to incorporate ESG factors, where material and relevant, into all of our investment processes, and have been a signatory to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment since 2007. We have ESG capabilities across all asset classes in the following 4 categories:

  • ESG Integrated: Systematic and explicit consideration of ESG factors in the investment decision-making process

  • Best in Class: Investment in companies based on positive ESG performance relative to industry peers

  • Screens based: Avoiding certain companies or industries that do not align with investor values

  • Thematic: Investments based on specific environmental or social themes

As at year-end 2018 we currently offer over 276 strategies totalling USD 667 billion in ESG Integrated AUM, representing 58% of our total strategy count. For these strategies, ESG factors are systematically considered in the investment and portfolio construction process.

Voting is a key aspect of our fiduciary duty. Our policy is to vote shares held in our clients’ portfolios in a prudent and diligent manner, based exclusively on our reasonable judgment of what will best serve the financial interests of the beneficial owners of the security.


ESG-Officer / ESG-Abteilung
Nachhaltigkeits-/ESG-Bericht (Unternehmensbericht)
ESG Rating (Unternehmen)
Unterzeicher der UN PRI


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Kompetenz des Hauses bezüglich ESG Strategien

We achieved ESG integration across an additional 88 strategies representing more than USD300 billion in AUM. In total we now have 276 ESG integrated strategies comprising USD667B in AUM. We also launched two new strategies: The Global Sustainable Equity Fund and a suite of REI (ESG) ETFs

Education: We held teach-ins on sustainable investing across our Firm internally, including Asset-Management wide forums, to raise internal awareness and understanding of sustainable investing efforts. We also increased our presence with clients including building in education to various regional forums, as well as serving on external panels including at the United Nations.

Resourcing: We added dedicated resources to Sustainable Investing to complement the existing Sustainable Investing Leadership Team, demonstrating the commitment to growing our sustainable investing platform.

We have a positive approach to ESG issues in our portfolios. Thus, specific assets or types of assets are not explicitly excluded from portfolios on environmental, social or governance grounds (unless specifically required, such as by local legislation). Rather, our investors consider ESG issues as part of the stock selection and portfolio construction process, supported by our in-house team of 9 ESG specialists.

The ESG team has four primary functions:

  • Analysis: 169 proprietary ESG analyses of Global companies in 2018.

  • Engagement: 451 company meetings (271 US – 259 EU – 25 Asia) to understand issues and encourage best practice.

  • Proxy Voting: Investor-led voting at nearly 8,000 AGMs in over 70 markets worldwide.

  • Reporting: ESG activity reports to clients and positive feedback loops to investors to capture ESG insights.

The team is led by Robert Hardy, Managing Director, who in addition is a member of the
International Corporate Governance Network. The ESG team has average industry experience of 20
years and average firm experience of 19 years at JPMAM.
Information correct as at 31 December 2018.


ESG verfahren und methoden

verfahren / methode

ESG Intergration
Best in Class Ansatz

Ausschlusskriterien x
Positiv Screening

Impact Investing

Engagement / Active Ownership
Mindeststandards / Normenbasierte Kriterien

ESG Reporting