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Volker Samonigg

Managing Director

Phone: +44 20 7762 8800

E-mail: volker.samonigg@barings.com

Company at a glance

Barings is a global financial services firm dedicated to meeting the evolving investment and capital needs of our clients. We build lasting partnerships that leverage our distinctive expertise across traditional and alternative asset classes to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service. Part of MassMutual, we have the financial stability and flexibility to take a long-term approach.

Market position and target clients

Barings maintains a strong global presence with a large team of professionals and offices across many countries. Barings’ global footprint gives us a broader perspective, access to a diverse set of opportunities and the ability to truly partner with our clients to invest across global markets.

Barings leverages its depth and breadth of expertise across the global fixed income, equity, real estate and alternative asset markets to help our clients achieve their investment goals. Our global presence across traditional and alternative asset classes provides our clients opportunities to earn risk-adjusted returns that may not be available using traditional benchmark-based strategies.

Barings’ commitment to meeting the current and evolving needs of our clients is at the core of everything we do. We listen to our clients to understand their needs so that we can be a strategic advisor and long-term partner in helping them meet their unique investment goals.

Investment philosophy in general

Barings leverages its depth and breadth of expertise across the global fixed income, equity, real estate and alternative asset markets to help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Our core investment philosophy is based upon the belief that long-term, risk-adjusted returns can best be achieved through strong fundamental research. We believe that significant inefficiencies exist in the global capital markets and that our time-tested investment approach, focusing on fundamental bottom-up research, offers the best way to exploit these inefficiencies.

The reputation and track record of the firm has been built on a strong, bottom-up style of investing driven by fundamentals. Across all of its investment capabilities, the firm shares the same fundamental research process that stems from its long-term view. Robust risk management processes are also integrated as part of Barings’ investment capabilities.


Barings has been a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) Initiative since January 2014. As a signatory, we have publicly committed to adopt and implement the six Principles where consistent with our fiduciary responsibility. Through its reporting and assessment process, the UNPRI requires accountability and transparency on the part of its signatories, and as a signatory, Barings is required to provide annual reports on our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Above all, Barings’ goal is to deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We consider ESG- related issues an important part of this commitment, as these issues can impact an investment’s risks and returns over time.

At Barings, we incorporate ESG factors into our rigorous investment analysis. Through fundamental analysis, we seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence the sustainability of the investments we make. Our research teams and portfolio managers evaluate ESG factors along with a range of other potential risks and opportunities that may impact governments, industries and companies.

As part of our initial and ongoing analysis, our portfolio managers and analysts meet with government officials and corporate management teams, visit operational facilities and analyse industry competitors to better understand potential risks, including ESG-related issues. Once invested, portfolio managers and analysts continue to monitor each issuer to ensure that our thesis remains intact and that an investment’s risk and return profile remains attractive relative to other opportunities available in the market.

In addition to rigorous in-house work done by Barings research analysts and portfolio managers to evaluate ESG risks, our team also has access to third-party resources that provide institutional investors issuer-specific ESG data.

To guide our process, we have formed an ESG working group that comprises representatives from each of the firm’s investment areas as well as from our legal, compliance, sales, risk management and Global Management teams. The group meets regularly to discuss ESG trends across different asset classes and identify how Barings can best take these issues into consideration in our investment process.

We consider ESG factors among some of the most important variables that can impact an investment’s risks and returns over time. As part of our overall commitment to delivering attractive returns, we endeavour to construct portfolios that meet our clients’ risk-return requirements and this includes incorporating ESG criteria into our investment process.

The firm's ESG Investment Policy Statement can be found online at http://www.barings.com/assets/user/media/Barings-ESG-Policy-Statement.pdf, In addition, Barings' RI Transparency Report can be found online at https://www.unpri.org/directory/ under our name, Barings LLC.

Barings has signed an industry letter to the governments of the G7 and G20 urging them to remain in the Paris Climate Agreement. A copy of the 2018 Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change can be found at the following link: http://globalinvestorcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/GISGCC-FINAL-for-G7-with-signatories_-update-4-June.pdf

Additionally, Barings is supportive of the UN PRI-led initiative on ESG in credit ratings. As asignatory to the ESG in Credit Ratings Statement, we commit to incorporating ESG into credit ratings and analysis in a systematic and transparent way. More information on this initiative can be found at the following link: https://www.unpri.org/credit-ratings/statement-on-esg-in-credit-ratings/77.article.



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