TELOS Fee Survey  

An issue that is playing an increasingly important role in institutional investor business against the backdrop of low returns is the cost of having an institutional mandate, a special fund. As part of our tenders, we repeatedly find grave differences in fees between the individual offers - sometimes up to a factor of four between the cheapest and the most expensive offer! Also asset management companies often signal us that a greater transparency regarding the fees is desirable.

With our "fee study" we would like to bring more transparency into the current fee situation reagarding the investments of institutional investors. The study will consider more than 120 asset classes (including tables with maximum fees and minimum, median, performance fees). An overview of the asset classes that will included in the study you will finde here:

Overview Asset Classes TELOS Fee Survey

The TELOS Fee Survey, that we conduct with Georg Seil Consulting GSC (Wiesbaden) is offered to the participating asset managers at a preferential price of Euro 3,750 plus VAT (normal price: Euro 7,500 Euro plus VAT). In this case you will additionally receive an individually tailored analysis to your company. This means that beyond the overall analysis, you receive a direct comparison to the overall market  for each asset class offered by your company and thus a targeted determination of your position!

If you are interested in participating in the study (with the option to purchase it at the preferential rate) then please sign here: 

Yes, we are interested in participating in the study

We will contact you shortly  and send you an Excel file to record the fees. All data provided by you will of course be treated anonymously and strictly confidential.

If you have any questions to our fee study or if you are interessted in participating or buying the study please feel free to contact us by Email or phone +49-611-9742-100 .